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sweeney todd

bellatrix lestrange loves willie wonka who is mourning for unidentified woman-stranger who was raped by professor snape, with the assistance of peter pettigrew. borat in a special appearance wearing a skin-tight shaider-blue catsuit. gaaahk. alleged fifteen-year old lass with a baywatch-ready bossom. forgettable performance by sailor person guy. blood, blood, and more blood. my only one issue is, tim burton, don't you watch myth busters? blood is not supposed to spray like a garden hose in full throttle. it's supposed to gush out in time with the cardiac rhythm. and my only one annoyance is the person beside me who repeatedly mumbles "ano ba yan, kanta na lang ng kanta." i mean it is really mind boggling why there is so much singing going on in a film adaptation of a broadway musical. i mean, really, how on earth did they come up with that preposterous idea? anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, go. and bring lots of meat pies and ketchup while you're at it. when you leave you will be thankful for gillette. and maybe reconsider that trip to the barber. or london.


so while we have been busy doing important stuff like blogging, reinabelle has been discovering quasars. but considering this is the girl who got 150 out of 100 in a physics exam (yes, that's 150%) that only three people (including her) managed to pass, then i'd say it's about time. "A team of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-II) scientists, led by Princeton University's Reinabelle Reyes and including astronomers at Penn State, has identified a large number of "hidden quasars" -- supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies that are shrouded in light-absorbing dust and gas." it's a good thing i friend reinabelle, or else i'll be real jealous. ^^ but i'd probably have more luck discovering new shades of pink. more details here: http://www.physorg.com/news119115673.html

the mac hires a maid

so now the mac gets hello kitty to keep the qwerty dust-free. coming this december. yay!

mac things

so among other things, the mac needs: 1. a name (preferably japanese) 2. a name for the mighty mouse (again, japanese) 3. a laptop cooler so i can use it in bed without the fear of overheating 4. an external hard drive so i can use time machine 5. a laptop bag (not to be confused with personal luggage, which the mac already has) suggestions are welcome. ^^


so i've been here for four whole days and i haven't gotten around to doing anything. i blame it on having to schlepp thirty kilograms of baggage by myself from the dorm across two train stations before making it to the airport. now, i've been out of shape from the moment i was conceived and the only strenuous physical activity i engage in is window shopping, and even then i get migraines at the end of the day. last thursday we had our project drinking party with the japanese, who apparently can drink barrels of beer without the slightest hint of intoxication. by the time the food was served they were well into their second glass. we had, among other things, manta ray ("teacher of nemo"), breaded chicken cartilage, and burdock. and since i did not drink beer, they were nice enough to pick a cocktail (cassis-orange!) for me. i thought it was just juice because i can't for the life of me taste any alcohol, but i was red a few minutes later and my head was going bonkers, so hey, it's spiked after all. and then halfway into dinner his royal hotness decided to switch seats with the person seated in front of me. never mind that he obviously put more thought into what he was wearing than half the female population, or that he always orders what's on the "metabolic menu" in the cafeteria even if he doesn't actually know what metabolic means. or that he has lost some of his fingers because his design has so many bugs (this one we obviously just made up). there is a sore lack of male eye candy in japan, as opposed to the over-abundance of pretty women in stilettos totting louis vuitton bags. in fact in the entire duration of my trip, i chanced upon a grand total of one gorgeous male life-form (two if you count the actor in the "bambino" series). but hey, the gorgeous male life-form did talk to me so life is kind of fair after all. it's just such a bitch that i forgot to bring my camera.

going home

the mac gets his own luggage.


in a couple of hours i'll be leaving for tokyo, where i will be put through hell for a month. ^^
i only just finished packing, so yes, i am bound to have forgotten something. but as long as it's not my ticket or money or god forbid, underwear, then i guess i'm fine. and i'm tempting fate because i purposely left out sneakers in anticipation of the giant nike factory outlet store in torihama. and every electronic gadget i am planning to take along with me is out of batteries. hooray.

on a totally unrelated note, i saw snippets of the pba opening ceremonies a while ago. and guess who's on the front-line for ginebra? it's my favorite blue eagle macky!!! too bad i wasn't smart enough to take a picture of the tv because he looked all serious and cute. my heart still belongs to the uaap, but i guess i'll be watching pba again. and with better seats this time. ^^

marshmallow test

dear steve jobs,

i have no EQ. so if you could please release the leopard os x next week, that would be great.
and a pink macbook wouldn't hurt.

best regards,